Girls State Tennis 2014
Girls' Tennis 


2013-2014 Schedule: GIRLS' VARSITY TENNIS
                              GIRL'S SOPHOMORE TENNIS


A tradition of success sums up the Clinton High School Girls' Tennis Team.  This program has been one or two in the MAC for the past 30 years, and have produced some of the top players in the state each year.  Part of the reason why they are so successful is that they are goal setters.  They understand that you must work hard to achieve your dreams.  You also must be able to depend upon your team mates for support and inspiration along the way!  Life is all about the journey and where you are going, and the tennis girls know that they are headed for the top!  It is always a great day to be a River Queen Tennis Player!



Boys' Tennis 

2013-2014 Schedule: BOYS' TENNIS

A sport that can be played for a lifetime. Summer programs teaching kids from 4 to late adult. Tennis is one of the very few sports that teaches both hand and foot coodination while on the move. Each season I see kids go from barely making contact with the ball to hitting forehand and backhand line drives.   Perhaps one of the best reasons to participate is the family we create. Group games that create unity. Cook-outs on weekends. Parent involvement, and the strive for excellence. Most people who participate find themselves enjoying themselves much more than they ever thought. Learn a game that can keep you in shape and give enjoyment throughout your entire life. Play boys' tennis.