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Staff E-mail Directory

  1. Sabrina Witt

    21st Century Coordinator

    Jefferson Elementary School

  2. Karl Wolf

    Fine Arts (Vocal Music) Teacher

    Clinton High School

  3. Hayley Wombacher

    Business Services Administrative Assistant

    Admin District Business Services

  4. Jordan Woods

    First Grade Teacher

    Eagle Heights Elementary School

  5. Jill Wright

    At Risk Teacher at Gateway Learning Center

    Clinton High School

  6. Kelly Wright

    Information Technology Director

    Administration Center

  7. Kiley Wright

    Building Paraprofessional

    Whittier Elementary School

  8. Kim Wright

    Special Education Teacher

    Clinton Middle School

  9. Rhea Wright

    Director of Student Services

    Admin Human Resources

  10. Karla Wunderlin

    Building Counselor

    Whittier Elementary School