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CHS Course Catalog

CHS Course Catalog 2020-2021

The Clinton High School’s Career and Educational Planning Guide for 2020-2021 was shown to every student in order to help them plan the upcoming school year and their entire career at CHS. The catalog consists of helping information about CHS programs, course descriptions, co-curricular information and post-secondary information. All incoming freshman will receive their own copy of the Career and Education Planning Guide.

School Counseling Information

School Counseling Personnel & Information

High School Planning

Graduation Requirements

Courses by First Opportunity to Select
Honors Information
Advanced Placement (AP) Information
College Connection Individual Registration (CCIR) Information
A.P., Concurrent Enrollment, and PSEO Defined

Registration Worksheets

Course Offerings


Fine Arts

Language Arts



Social Studies


World Languages

Co-Curricular Information

Co-Curricular Listings
NCAA & NAIA Freshmen Eligibility Standards

Post-Secondary Information

Four Year Planning Calendar
College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Iowa’s College and University Information
Regent Admission Index
Paying for College

Financial Aid Programs
Glossary of Financial Aid Terms
Local and Area Scholarships from the 2018-2019 School Year