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Synergy Clinton


Welcome to Synergy at CHS! As you can see below, our goal is to provide Clinton High School students with an opportunity unparalleled by any school within a 100 mile radius. The team of teachers and administrators are here to commit to your child’s success in a learning environment that is real life! 

Some of the initiatives under way:

  • Magic School Bus Revival: Working with the Clinton Community School District to explore the possibility of adding a new bus barn
  • After School Care: Working with the YWCA to provide after school care at each elementary building in CCSD
  • Discovery Center Redesign: Working with the Discovery Center to collaborate on a new website and much more!


synergy-1 synergy-2 synergy-3







Synergy challenges students to…  

Imagine Clinton

Involve  Clinton

Impact   Clinton



Synergy builds upon the innovative model of two established Iowa Big programs:


Synergy develops these 21st-century skills:

Communication & diverse perspectives

Adaptability & responsibility

Leadership & integrity

Initiative & self-direction

Productivity & accountability

“Fail-forward” growth mindset


Student achievement of core academic standards through their Synergy initiatives.

Establishment of community partnerships & development of an initiative pool.

Collaborative realization of initiatives, from conception to fruition.

Curriculum Synergy students will earn academic credit by achieving proficiency in Iowa Core standards. Students will choose and design initiatives that they are passionate about and that complement the curricular area they are seeking credit in. For example, a student seeking US Government credit could choose an initiative involving local leaders and a civic issue. Standards not achieved through an initiative will be learned in collaboration with IBC staff. See the “Our Team” section for additional information about specific credits available at Synergy.
Instruction Students will learn utilizing various formats at Synergy, most importantly by collaborating with community members on an initiative. Synergy staff will supplement with additional instruction as needed. Here are some potential learning formats:

  • Initiative team & community partner meetings
  • 1-on-1 instruction & feedback with IBC staff
  • Seminar-style lessons focused on a specific standard or topic
  • Discussion with IBC mentor community members
Assessment Synergy students will focus on bringing the initiatives they are passionate about to fruition. Synergy staff will focus on assessing the Iowa Core standards which will be embedded in initiatives and through supplemental instruction. Assessment will be standards-based, meaning Synergy staff will be working with students to develop a body of evidence that demonstrates their mastery of the necessary standards. Here are some potential pieces of evidence:

  • A product within an initiative (i.e. reports, presentations, a prototype)
  • A focused traditional assessment (i.e. test, quiz, paper)
  • Synergy staff observations

Synergy staff will use Infinite Campus to report student learning in a standards-based format that blends with Clinton High School’s grading system. Students’ grades will be determined based on the standards for the course, as well as 21st Century employability standards. Course grades will follow the same term calendar as CHS.

Synergy staff will be learning the “BBQ” software utilized by other Iowa Big programs. This software provides curriculum, communication, and grading tools for initiative-based learning. More information will be shared as that software is adopted.


Our Team


Roxi Bradway

STEM Innovator Requirements

I embrace the opportunity to increase the STEM opportunities and real world experiences available to our students.  With my worldly experience, as the result of being a military child, I hope inspire our students and help them Imagine what their community can be.
Bill Misiewicz

Social Studies

Physical Education

I am so excited to be part of this initiative and program. I am hoping to bring my local connections and my 37 years of teaching experience to the table for students! I love the fact that it allows students to Involve our community!
Christina Richmond

English Language Arts

This opportunity is such an exciting journey for our students. I look forward to using my background in English to help students utilize the English curriculum in the real world. The students’ passion will help bring about an amazing connection that will directly Involve the community.
Philip Swanson


Universal Constructs

I am really excited for the opportunity our students will have to learn and become leaders in a new environment. Forming relationships are such an important part of life and it will be vital to Involve business partners into what we are doing at Synergy. Let’s continue to move Clinton forward!
Matt Tobin

Associate Principal

Matt Tobin

563-243-7540 x1183

I am excited to work with students, teachers, and partners in this authentic learning experience. My family calls Clinton home and I believe our students will Impact our community for the better!

Please don’t hesitate to call or email.