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Holmstrom, Bill

Athletics - bill-holmstrom.jfifBill Holmstrom

Induction Class of 2013 – Athletic Director

Bill Holmstrom was a 1950 graduate of Cornell College.  Holmstrom was a successful coach in basketball and baseball in Clarence and Iowa City.  Holmstrom coached 15 All-State players including Eddie Watt who pitched in the World Series for the Baltimore Orioles.  Holmstrom also coached in 5 state tournament teams during his career.  Holmstrom’s 1955 state basketball team was the first team to play in Veterans Auditorium in Des Moines.  Holmstrom was the athletic director at Clinton High School from 1969 – 1992.  Holmstrom was very active in the state and national athletic director organization, and was voted the National Athletic Director of the Year and inducted into National Athletic Director Hall of Fame in 1992.