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President’s Message

Dear Parents, Sponsors, Friends and Fans of Clinton High School Athletics,

It’s been my pleasure being involved with the River Kings & Queens Athletic Booster Club, serving on the Board of Directors since 2006 and as the President since 2015.  I would like to say “Thank You” to all of you that offer your support.  There’s no doubt our Kings and Queens are fortunate to have you. The generosity of this community never ceases to amaze me.  Through this generosity, we have done some great things.  I encourage you to be involved and stay involved.

Clinton High School offers 21 varsity interscholastic athletic programs, strength & training programs, and many lower-level athletic programs for our students to participate in.  All of these organized programs require the help, support, and involvement from all stakeholders and the community.

I would like to ask you to be involved.  If your child is involved in athletics or you have an interest in athletics, then please consider being involved with the Athletic Booster Club.  We are a 501 C.3. non-profit organization that gives back all proceeds to Clinton High Athletics.  I believe our athletic facilities are some of the best in the Midwest.  Please take a look at the FACILITIES tab on this website, I think you will be impressed.  Since 2008, our club has invested roughly $4,000,000 on facilities and equipment upgrades for athletics.  The school district has done its part as well, and the combined effort has produced a wonderful result.  Yes, there are more things to do and we plan to get them done alongside the district.   We also continue to give dollars every year to help with uniforms, equipment, travel and other athletic expenses.

Here’s how you can help. 
1.      If you have a business, please become a Corporate Sponsor.  The information is included under the BOOSTER TAB on this website, or please contact any of our board members, listed below, for more information.
2.      We also have the Red and Black Club Membership for individuals and families.  The information is included under the BOOSTER TAB on this website.
3.      Please volunteer.  Each athletic team is responsible for working 4-5 games in the concession stand, each year.  Each respective coach is responsible for organizing their team’s volunteers.  We try to schedule teams in their off-season.  We only allow parents to work concessions. Please give your email or contact number to your athlete’s coach and let them know you will help.  It will save them a good amount of time.  FYI: Concession revenue is about 40% of our total revenue, so your help is important.
4.      Sometimes we have a last-minute concession events that pop up, usually a postseason game that Clinton has been chosen to host.  If you are available to help once in a while or on short notice, please let Sandy Mussman our concession manager know.

Our Current Board of Directors:  Tim Hartsock, Sandy Mussman, Paul Mulholland, Patrick Parker, Mike Kroemer, Steve Napolitano, Steve Cagley and Andy Eberhart, Activities Director.

Go Kings and Queens!

Tim Hartsock, President