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Project Lead The Way

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Engineering program offers students an array of advantages, from career readiness and hands on experience to college preparatory level classes, labs, and creative exercises.

PLTW is designed to appeal to all students, from those already interested in STEM related fields, to those whose experience in the sciences and math has been less comprehensive or who find themselves uninterested in traditional STEM curricula.

PLTW classes are hands on, based in real-world experiences, and are fun for students and teachers. We set the highest standards for rigorous, focused, and engaging study, and develop students innovative, collaborative, cooperative, and problem solving skills.

Our relationships with teachers, parents, local and national business leaders, and university partners allow us to offer a complete experience both for students wishing to pursue a secondary degree in a STEM-related field and for those planning to join the workforce after high school. STEM literacy reduces dropout rates, increases attendance, and helps students find better-paying jobs after school.

Courses Available:

Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)
IED Course Description

Principles of Engineering (POE)
POE Course Description

Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA)
CEA Course Description

Principles of Biomedical Science

Contact Information:

Ted Lamb
IED and CEA Instructors
563-243-7540 ext. 2220 / ext: 2770

Evan Haan
POE Instructor
563-243-7540 ext. 2190

Dr. Tami Cottrell
Biomedical Sciences Instructor
563-243-7540 ext. 2110