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CHS Remote Learning Resources


Per guidelines from the Iowa Department of Education, schools are not allowed to provide new instruction or assignments. The information provided is not intended to be for instructional purposes by CHS staff. The resources provided are for exploration for students and general knowledge of certain areas. Content may or may not have been created by CHS staff, although the material has been reviewed.

Each folder should be fully updated no later than April 2, 2020.

Please click the link below for access:

CHS Remote Learning Resources Folder

Students who have missing work and who are able to garner access to their online resources are encouraged to submit their work to their teacher through Google Classroom. Students who are not able to do this are not penalized.

Students who are in Advanced Placement classes are encouraged to review their individual teacher’s Google Classroom or find more information on the College Board Website.

Please also be aware, that encouraging reading every day and having conversations about what has been read and asking students to justify their reasoning with facts is highly encouraged!