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BULLYING Parent Education Series at Clinton Middle School on Thurs., Dec. 6th 6-8 pm.

(This event will define and examine bullying in schools and on social media as well as provide information on the effects of bullying and how parents can help their children.)


Bullying is…

  • An aggressive behavior that involves intentional and unwanted negative actions
  • Involves a pattern of behavior repeated over time
  • Based on perceived or actual traits
  • Creates an objectively hostile school environment

Clinton Middle School is a Bully Free Zone.  However, if you feel that you or someone you know has been a victim of harassment or bullying, please report it!  Once the report is submitted, the student will be contacted by a CMS Administrator or Counselor no later than the next school day.

There are three ways a student/parent can submit a report of harassment or bullying:

In order to access the Google Form, please use Google Chrome as the browser and have the student sign into their Google Account provided from the Clinton Schools. Their email is:

Password: lunchnumber9ccsd

Click the link below to report an incident of bullying

All members of the CMS Administrative and Counseling teams annually complete Anti-Bullying training.

For additional information regarding What Bullying Is, please check out the following resource: What is Bullying

For a Parent Checklist, please check out the following resource: Parent Checklist

For information regarding Cyberbullying, please check out the following resource: Cyberbullying Checklist