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Theresa Shultz, Principal

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Tammie Kooi,          Whitney Garrett,

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Welcome to Jefferson Elementary

Welcome to Jefferson Elementary!

Our current Jefferson Elementary opened in 2006 and is one of four great elementary schools in the Clinton Community School District. We are located at 720 4th Avenue S in Clinton. Our school serves students in Kindergarten through 5th grade, with the YWCA’s pre-K also at Jefferson. Jefferson is home to approximately 400 students of South-Central Clinton.

Jefferson Elementary places student learning and helping each individual child reach his or her full potential as our primary focus. Our school also offers additional support services in the areas of Reading, Mathematics, English Language Learning, Special Education, and Talented and Gifted. With our strong emphasis on meeting the needs of all students through differentiated instruction and research-based practices, the students at Jefferson Elementary annually make huge growth and in 2015 was ranked as the most underrated school in Iowa due to these gains.

We believe that through teaching, modeling and practicing, Jefferson students will show good character by demonstrating Respectful, Responsible and Safe behaviors. We also believe that by acknowledging and recognizing students when they demonstrate those core values will promote continued positive behavior.

There are lots of opportunities to get involved and to volunteer at Jefferson Elementary. We encourage you to speak with your child’s teacher or join us for our PTA meetings the first Thursday of each month at dismissal.