Welcome to Jefferson Elementary

At Jefferson, we work hard to accomplish our goals! Effort Creates Talent is our mission and we instill this in every student. No matter where you come from, your current reality does not have to be your future. The work and effort you put into today WILL create your tomorrow!

At Jefferson, we want to be one of the top schools in the nation. We want to be a school that educators from across the country come and visit because even with the challenges we face, students succeed. We want to help students succeed at Jefferson and beyond. Providing instruction in perseverance, determination and short and long term goal setting; we know that students will have the tools to steer their life in any direction they choose and we want them to see their education career as more than a kindergarten-twelfth grade commitment. We want to empower problem solving, critical thinking and citizens that strive to leave the world better than they found it. We believe that our students can be the difference our town, state and country need for a brighter future.

In order to move closer to accomplishing these goals, during the 2017-2018 school year we will set out to build stronger relationships with our Jefferson families and parents. We know as parents, you are the most invested person in your child’s success and we want to partner with you to multiply all of your efforts. We want to create more enrichment opportunities for students to build, create and develop critical 21st century skills. Lastly, we will work to develop the capacity of our teacher’s Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) to multiply their effectiveness in responding to our student’s needs and effectively and efficiently providing learning opportunities for all students.

As our partners in your child’s success, we need you to also focus on ensuring all students are regularly coming to school and students are taught positive behavior and this is continually expected from all adults in your child’s life. The state of Iowa guidelines for public education states that students should miss no more than five school days in an academic year. Just over 50% of our Jefferson student body population missed less than five days last school year. Poor attendance is a huge barrier to the success of students at school. This is something that we believe is doable to impact and awareness can create a positive change. While missing a day here and there may not seem to be a big deal, when you add those days up some students are missing five plus weeks a year and by the time they are in the seventh grade the days missed often total more than an entire school year. We can make a difference and turn this attendance trend around to create habits of attendance for future education and the work place down the road! The number one reason adults in the state of Iowa lose their job is because of poor attendance, poor attendance is not something we can allow our children to fall habit to.

As we go on this journey of another school year, we want to thank you in advance for all you do to help our school and our students be successful! Your attitude, your participation and your continued support makes a difference for our Jefferson family. Our foundation has been laid and now it is time to do the hard work to climb to the top! We believe our students will work relentlessly to be on top, we believe our staff will work together to be on top and we believe our school is rising to the top! Our Effort Creates our Talent! Let’s make it a great year!

– Miss. Theresa Shultz, Jefferson Elementary Principal