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4 Year Old Preschool Program

  1. Liz Wilke

    Curriculum/Student Services Administrative Assistant

    Page 4 Year Old Pre-School Program

    (563) 243-9600 x 1123
  2. Rhea Wright

    4 year old Preschool Program Coordinator

    Page 4 Year Old Pre-School Program

    (563) 243-9600 x 1140

TO REGISTER FOR NEXT YEAR’S PRESCHOOL (2023-2024) – Click on the link and choose “Next Year 23-24 – PRESCHOOL only” — NEXT YEAR PRESCHOOL ONLINE APPLICATION

Welcome to the Clinton 4 Year Old Preschool Program page. The Clinton Community School District receives state funding on an annual basis to fund free preschool programs for 4 year olds. This grant is intended to reach out to all 4 year olds living in the Clinton area and to provide each child a quality preschool experience before they enter kindergarten. Each child must be 4 years old on or before September 15, 2023 and be a resident of the State of Iowa to be eligible for participation. It is our goal to have every eligible 4 year old child participate in this 4-day-per-week, AM or PM preschool experience. The community preschools that participate in our four year old program include Prince of Peace, Stay-N-Play, YWCA-Downtown, and Zion Preschool. The District also provides preschool classrooms at Bluff Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, and Eagle Heights Elementary. Please review the information regarding the Clinton 4 Year Old Preschool Program and enroll your child today. Parents registering for 2023-2024 will need to register online and also fill out a community registration packet.  You will also need to provide a birth certificate/proof of birth and immunization records.

2023-2024 CCSD Pre-K Brochure

General Information/Overview of the 4 Year Old Preschool Program

Clinton North and South Sites Street Map

Preschool Handbook

Our Preschool teachers can be contacted at:

Teacher School Email
Nicki Shannon Bluff Elementary
Megan Gee Eagle Heights Elementary
Joyce Noel Eagle Heights Elementary
Karen Johnson Jefferson Elementary
Kayla Kampe Prince of Peace
Samantha Dierksen Zion
Carrie Kelly Zion
Mary Bridget Duray Stay N Play
YWCA Downtown