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Meal Prices

Meal Prices Effective August 23, 2021:

2022-2023 Meal Prices

Our lunch rooms are now cashless. Cash will NOT be accepted during the breakfast or lunch period unless it is sealed in a prepayment envelope. No change will be given out to allow our lunch lines to move efficiently. Envelopes are provided by any school office and/or by any cashier. Sealed payment envelopes may be turned in to your child’s school office/cashier.

Online payments can also be made through your parent portal login.

Under Food Service, select Pay, under Amount enter the amount($) you would like to add to your students meal account, then select add to cart. Once you go to your cart you will be able to add a payment method and submit the payment.


Our Point of Sale (POS) System allows each student to have their own meal account. Each personal meal account records the daily meal activity of the student as well as keeping track of deposits throughout the year.