Bullying is…

  • An aggressive behavior that involves intentional and unwanted negative actions

  • Involves a pattern of behavior repeated over time

  • Based on perceived or actual traits

  • Creates an objectively hostile school environment

Clinton Middle School is a Bully Free Zone.  However, if you feel that you or someone you know has been a victim of harassment or bullying, please report it!  Once the report is submitted, the student will be contacted by a CMS Administrator or Counselor no later than the next school day.

There are two ways a student/parent can submit a report of harassment or bullying:

  • Click here https://5il.co/wbhg to print off the complaint form

  • At school, a student can complete and turn in a Green Sheet. Students can get this form from and return them to:  the Back Office; any teacher, counselor, or administrator


All members of the CMS Administrative and Counseling teams annually complete Anti-Bullying training.

For additional information regarding What Bullying Is, please check out the following resource: What is Bullying

For a Parent Checklist, please check out the following resource: Parent Checklist

For information regarding Cyberbullying, please check out the following resource: Cyberbullying Checklist