Head Lice Information

The nurses of Clinton Community Schools follow the recommendations of the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) on treating head lice.

The parent/guardian is the key to looking for and treating head lice. They are advised to spend 15 minutes each week on each child carefully looking for head lice or nits.

Upon detection of head lice at school, the following steps shall be taken by school personnel:

  1. Notify the parent/guardian of existence of head lice. A school nurse or designee will treat the student by removing the lice using a Robi comb or lice comb.

  2. Inform parent/guardian of current treatments to eliminate head lice by providing them with the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) 14 day treatment plan “Getting Rid of Head Lice.” If necessary, may provide parent/guardian with a nit comb, or a Robi comb at no charge to the parent. (Supplies will be kept in the nurse’s office.)

  3. Allow student to remain in school the day of detection.

  4. Allow student to ride school bus to and from school.

  5. Check siblings attending other schools. Contact school nurses as needed.

  6. Recheck student for head lice as needed per nurse assessment.

  7. Return student to classroom.