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Mentoring Provides Powerful Benefits!

Each of us can remember a positive adult, other than our parents, who made a lasting impact on our lives. Whether it was a coach, a neighbor or a family friend, their advice and encouragement made all the difference.

Every child can benefit from the experience of having an additional positive role model in their life! And every adult volunteer has something to offer. Simply spending time with and listening to a young child can change his or her life forever.

  • Mentoring helps students make better choices.

  • Mentoring helps students feel connected with school and community.

  • Students who are mentored are less likely to skip school, or start using alcohol or drugs.

  • Provides students with positive role models.

  • Promotes academic achievement and building positive relationships.

How Does Mentoring Work?

Children in grades one through nine are referred to the program by teachers, counselors or parents for a variety of social, emotional or academic reasons. The mentor and mentee meet for approximately one to two hours per week under the supervision and guidance of mentoring site staff.

Depending on the student’s needs, they may participate in:

  • One-on-One after-school mentoring program

  • Lunch Buddy Program

  • Choices and Soar to Success (group mentoring) for middle-school students

  • Campus Pals (group mentoring) for middle-school students

What is a Mentor?

  • A mentor is a positive role model who provides a young person with guidance, support and encouragement.

  • A mentor is a good listener, a cheerleader and a sounding board.

  • A mentor is NOT a therapist, a baby-sitter or a surrogate parent.

Our History

Study Connection was founded in 1992 by the Clinton Rotary Club. Club members were concerned with the number of students who fell behind in reading. The group was committed to the idea that third grade students, if given the support of dedicated adults and peers, had the ability to improve their reading abilities and comprehension.

Additional Resources

You can obtain more information on mentoring at www.iowamentoring.org.

Our Mentoring program is supported by our local United Way.