The Information Technology Services Department (IT) maintains strategies and systems that foster the integrity, security, storage, access and stability of the district’s financial and student data. The department also provides end-user support at the workstation and network levels to over 700 staff and 3,600 plus students. Currently we have an Administration Center, Transportation Office, Plant Service Office and six school buildings that staff and student are using over 3,000  network devices such as computers, tablets, smartboards, mimeos, cameras, printers, etc..

Technology is having an impact on every aspect of modern life. Computers can be found in nearly every classroom, office, home and business. The mission of the Technology Department is to integrate safe data and multimedia technology into our schools curriculum and administrative applications, to help facilitate meaningful learning experiences in an environment where technology serves as a useful tool in preparing our students for life after graduation.

Purchase Microsoft Software at a discount for Staff/Teachers/Students. More information can be found at Journey Ed.